Online Banking

Savings Accounts

All members open a share account to join Hopewell Federal Credit Union. It’s called a “share” account because it represents your partial ownership of the credit union.

Additional Information

• Required for membership; live, work or worship in Licking, Franklin or Delaware County
• Minimum opening balance is $25.00, must maintain this amount at all times
• This is equal to one voting share at the annual
• Once a member, you are eligible to run for the Board of Directors (*The Board of Directors are not compensated, they serve a voluntary term)
• After a deposit of $50.00 the member will earn dividends (interest
• Dividends (interest) are compounded
• Dividends (interest) are credited monthly
• Regulation D restrictions: NO more than six (6) pre-authorized, automatic or telephone transfers are allowed in one month
• Paper or electronic statements are available – Only Shares (savings) are done quarterly
• Only one Primary Share (savings) account is permitted per member
• ATM access is available with Share (savings) account
• Check cashing fee of $5.00 if the member only has a Primary Share (saving) account and the balances is below the minimum of $250.00
• Once the Primary Share (savings) account is established, the member may then open other savings and loan accounts
• Must have a Primary Share (savings) account to have any other accounts
• The Primary Share (savings) account cannot be closed while there are open account(s) for that same membership. All other accounts have to be closed first.
• Joint owner(s) can be added to the account with the primary owner’s approval and signature. Additional requirements may apply.
• The name of a joint owner cannot be removed from the account unless all owners (primary and joint) sign a deletion card (or the joint owner closes the account).
• The primary owner cannot remove him/herself off of the account. He/she would have to close the account out.